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2 Have and 2 Hold - Marriage Ministry

On a bi-monthly basis, the married couples come together for Marriage Talk.  Marriage Talk is taught by Bishop E and Lady Gates.  The goal is to see that every couple leave each session encouraged, renewed, replenished, forgiven and have a better understanding about their spouse.  We all know that the intricacies of life can complicate any marriage and create tension. 

​Did you know that you could be married, but still feel alone? ​During these sessions, we explore God’s purpose for bringing you together in the first place.  We understand the role hardship plays in marriages.  But those hardships are designed to make your marriage stronger.  In these sessions we discover a brand new appreciation for our spouse and create an individualized plan for a long lasting, healthy marriage.  We learn to recognize hidden strengths of our marriage that often disguise themselves as obstacles.

By attending these sessions, you’re not stating that your marriage is in trouble, you’re taking the necessary steps to avoid trouble.  Every session is designed to make your marriage stronger.

In addition to bi-monthly sessions, each year, the Marriage Ministry host an annual Retreat that is designed to bring couples together from all walks of life, who are experiencing similar issues.  Let's face it!  Marriage takes work!  Many people enter marriage thinking that it's a "cake walk," not realizing that it takes more to keep them than it did to get them.  And sometimes it helps to know that your marriage is not the only one experiencing challenges and issues.  We all have either been there, going there or coming out of there.​

If you would like to learn how you and your spouse can attend Marriage Talk, contact the church office at 352.504.4626 or email

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