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Bishop Everett Gates

A dedicated husband, father, friend, Worship Leader and Pastor, Everett Gates, was first ordained as an Elder in 1996 at New Birth Missionary Baptist Church in Decatur, Georgia, under the leadership of the late Bishop Eddie L. Long.  While serving at New Birth (1990- 2001), Elder Gates served as the Executive Administrator to the Bishop, and subsequently was appointed to oversee various ministries, departments and staff, which later afforded him the opportunity to become the Music and Worship Arts Director.

In 2005, Elder Gates moved to Florida and became the Executive and Music Pastor at Celebration of Praise Church of God.  Within the first few years, the Music Ministry experienced unprecedented growth and he was later appointed as the Church of God Music Board Chairman for the state of Florida.

Because of Pastor Gates’ faithfulness, dedication and commitment to God and his calling, in 2010, Pastor Gates was ordained as a Bishop within the Church of God denomination, under the direction of Bishop J. Martin Taylor and Bishop Raymond Culpepper.

In 2011, Bishop Gates answered the call of God to depart Celebration of Praise and formed One In Christ Ministries in Clermont, Florida, Lake County. One In Christ held its first Inaugural Service with 31 founding members and friends on Sunday, February 20, 2011, at 2220 Cluster Oak Drive.  Today, One In Christ has more than 300 members.

Bishop Gates is charging One in Christ to “Love God, Love People and to lead God’s people back to Him.” Bishop Gates says that we are “One Family, One Church, One Community, serving One God.” The vision focuses on growth as a community in Christ – connecting through loving, teaching, fellowship and prayer, so we can have strong marriages, families and communities.  With this dynamic vision, the members and ministry servants are charged to become passionate about loving God, loving people, and to become pro-active in getting involved in strategic outreach ministries to encourage others to “know” Christ and His love, and to connect and “know” the Word of God through study and teaching.

“God has called One In Christ to be ‘A Loving Church, for All People,’ states Gates.”  In order to achieve this vision we must teach the Word and display His love.  In addition, we will embrace our values of worshipping God, family, spiritual growth, economic empowerment, outreach and diversity.”

In 2008 Bishop Gates released his first book, “Helping You Is Killing Me, “ a practical, but very real manual on the role of Armorbearer.

“Helping You Is Killing Me” is designed to expose what we, the church, have allowed the enemy to creep into our midst and turn us into.  We have become selfish, greedy people, which has immobilized us and rendered us ineffective.  As a result, many have lost their joy.  Others have seen their passion and zeal dwindle, because no one wants to die to themselves and serve.  Meanwhile, the church is dying, leaders are being exposed and ridiculed and marriages and relationships are being destroyed.  Let’s face it, it’s time for pastors to stop “using” their sheep for selfish gain, and it’s time for the sheep to stop putting pastors on pedestals.  It is time for us to get back to the basics, and that is to love, accept, forgive, cover, protect, and support one another.

“I’m extremely excited about ‘Helping You Is Killing Me’ and remain hopeful that it blesses others as much as it blessed me to write it,” states Gates. “As His Word says in Matthew 23:11, “The greatest among you will be your servant.”  It doesn’t matter what your role is, we are all called to serve.  This book is meant to be used as a tool to help those who are contemplating throwing in the towel, quitting and giving up on their God-given assignment. My prayer is that ‘Helping You Is Killing Me’ will encourage the reader to hold on to their promise and cling to their dream, vision and purpose.  Don’t stop pushing! Don’t stop serving!  Most importantly, don’t step outside of God’s will for YOUR life!  God has a plan for you.  This is a test!  Will you pass it?

As a result of his dedication to helping and serving others regardless of their ethnicity or economic status, Bishop Gates has become well respected and loved in his community.  He is a graduate of the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga with a Bachelor of Science in Business Marketing, where he also became a member of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity.

Bishop Gates is married to Lady Kateena Gates and they are the proud parents of Alexis, Kendra and Everett Emmanuel.  The family resides in Clermont, Florida.

For speaking engagements or more information please contact 352.504.4626 or


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